Venue Rules + Do’s / Don’ts at BPM Costa Rica

By January 14, 2020 October 19th, 2020 BPM News

What is the minimum age to attend The BPM Festival?
Minimum age for entry is strictly 18+, no exceptions. Government-issued photo ID (driver’s license or passport) will be required for entry to confirm your age.

Will you have lockers at the events?

Will I be searched?
All attendees are subject to search upon entry. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone without refunds.

Can I bring in my medication/prescription?
Yes. Please bring a copy of your official prescription / declaration from your doctor.

Is there a water refill station?

What items am I allowed / NOT allowed to bring into The BPM Festival?
The following list of items are permitted / not permitted to bring into events:
● OK Small Backpacks, single-compartment bags (maximum 12in x 12in / 30cm x 30cm). All backpacks, bags, purses are subject to inspection.
● OK Fanny packs / purses.
● OK Hats.
● OK Earplugs.
● OK Sunblock / sun cream (to be inspected upon entry).
● OK Lighters.
● OK Cell phones.
● OK Cell phone chargers / portable battery packs.
● OK Sunglasses.
● OK Dancing Shoes.
● OK Flags.
● OK Cigarettes / e-cigarettes / vapes (must be sealed upon entry / to be inspected upon entry).
● OK Small beach towel.
● OK Umbrellas / ponchos (umbrellas must be measure less than 12in / 30cm when collapsed).
● OK Tampons / pads (must be sealed upon entry)
● OK Film cameras (non-professional).
● OK Digital cameras, GoPros (non-professional, no removable lenses).

● NO large backpacks / purses (bigger than 12in x 12in / 30cm x 30cm).
● NO Instruments / whistles / noisemakers / air horns.
● NO Masks.
● NO Knives / weapons / pepper spray etc.
● NO Chains / chain wallets.
● NO Fireworks / explosives.
● NO Drugs / drug paraphernalia / illegal substances.
● NO Outside food or beverages.
● NO Bota bags.
● NO Totems / inflatables / balloons / glass.
● NO Selfie sticks.
● NO Tents or chairs.
● NO Professional cameras (detachable lens), or drones.
● NO Audio recording devices.
● NO Laser pointers.
● NO Stickers or flyers.
● NO Stuffed animals.
● NO Pets.