DJs Name What Tracks Rocked the Dancefloor at #BPM2016 (Part 2)

By March 3, 2016 October 19th, 2020 BPM News

As the second part of our series, our #BPM2016 DJs continue to name the tracks that helped create those special moments at this year’s festival. Check it out and see what tracks DJs such as John Digweed, Dennis Ferrer, and Soul Clap selected as their favorites from The BPM Festival 2016.
John Digweed
Track: Eagles & Butterflies – “Murder Was The Bass” – out now on Bedrock Records
Played at: Bedrock Records showcase at Blue Parrot
“This is a cover of one of the biggest techno tracks of the last 10 years. It’s been approved by Jesper Dahlback, the original producer (aka DK8). We tracked him down to his log cabin in snowy Sweden for this rare accolade.” Listen here!
Track: Loco & Jam – “Ripper” – out soon on Transmit Recordings
Played at: Transmit / MB Elektronics Showcase at La Santanera
“This track had a big impact and huge reaction on the dance floor, which is always the most important part in a track.” Listen here!
Track:  Metodi Hristov – “Don’t You Know” – out on Lapsus Music
Played at: Stereo Productions Showcase at Wah Wah Beach Bar
“We love Metodi’s groove. Straight and super solid at same time. Whenever we play this track during our set, it’s a sure dancefloor filler.” Listen here!
Dennis Ferrer
Track: Butch – “Dope” – out now on Play It, Say It
Played at: Insane at Martina Beach Club
“It’s sort of a sample based loopy track reminiscent of a 90’s classic but with a modern twist.  It’s worked EVERY SINGLE time! lol! It starts up slowly building and building until the break just lets all hell loose and it’s hands in the air time. Thing is…it’s not new…it’s been around for a while. But I’ve always never paid mind to how old something is…if it’s hot’s just Whether it was made last week, four months ago or ten years ago is of no concern or relevance to me.” Listen here!
Track:  ANNA – “Odd Concept” –  out now on Diynamic
Played at:  Tronic Showcase at Wah Wah Beach Bar
“I’ve been playing it for a while now and it’s always a highlight of any gig when I do it. It’s got an eerie mood but is still very energetic and captivating, it just never fails.” Listen here!
Track: Joeski – “Babylon” – out soon on Maya Records
Played at: I’m a House Gangster at Salsanera
“The trippy reggae dub vibe worked the crowd.” Listen here!
Soul Clap
Track: PillowTalk & Soul Clap – “Love Train” ft. Greg Paulus & Crew Love – out now on Crew Love Records
Played at: Crew Love at Canibal Royal
“The energy in the room was electric when ‘Love Train’ was being made,” Soul Clap’s Lonely C tells THUMP. “It was three days into our Crew Love jam session at Redbull Studios and we had really hit a stride. We had the initial chord progression going and things started to sound like that classic piano house feel, then I suddenly sprung up from the couch I was sitting and started to play this infectious bass line. Sammy D (of Pillowtalk) then ran into the vocal booth and started singing “Riding on the Love Train”… everyone went nuts and hurried into the booth joining him. On both sides of the glass the whole crew was getting down, it was a family affair and we knew we had our new anthem!” Listen here!
Anthony Attalla
Track: Anthony Attalla – “F1” – out now on Yoshitoshi
Played at: Yoshitoshi showcase at Wah Wah Beach Bar
“I had a lot of tracks that went over well but the ones that meant the most to me were some of my unreleased productions. It’s always fun (and a little scary) dropping your new productions, especially if they’re new and unreleased productions. If I had to pick one, I’d say my track “F1” which is doing really well in the charts at the moment (sitting at #12). Most people in the crowd knew it was mine, so the reaction was great, and it was as if we were all connected for that tune.” Listen here!
Marco Bailey
Track: Unreleased collaboration between Marco Bailey and Inca
Played at: Transmit / MB Elektronics Showcase at La Santanera
“The impact and the energy that it brought to the people. It made me feel good to see the crowd’s reaction.”
Words by Sleepy & Boo