BPM DJ Hangovers: The Best Remedies For The Morning After

By January 1, 2016 October 19th, 2020 BPM News

¡Feliz año nuevo! 2016 is here and The BPM Festival is now only a week away and if you did New Year’s Eve proper, we know that inevitable hangover is starting to kick in. Lucky for you, our party experts and BPM artists are here with some solutions to help you get off the couch, pack your bags, and get ready for the dance music marathon of the year!
Nicole Moudaber (Last Night On Earth / The BPM Festival Official Closing Party)
More alcohol! It keeps things ticking!
Ramiro Lopez (Suara)
Water, ibuprofen, beer and tapas.
Coyu (Suara / Luciano & Friends)
More partying! Plus Mexico City looks like a good place to cure your hangover.
Chus & Ceballos (Stereo Productions / Toolroom Live)
Going out to another party!! But some good advice is to drink tons of water, junk food, extra supplies of Advil, and to watch a long classic sleepy movies like The Lord of The Rings, Boyhood or Ben-Hur. That way, in case you fall asleep you can still watch the end!
StaceyPullen-Balance-9-2-2015 (1)
Stacey Pullen (No. 19 Music – Social Experiment Mexico / The BPM Festival Official Closing Party)
More partying.
Lee Curtiss (Visionquest / Smoke N’ Mirrors)
That’s a trick question. There is no hangover cure for a DJ, only more drinks, more flights, and more parties. We get our hangover sometime around the 2nd of January, some of us even the 3rd…and my God are they horrible. That’s part of what makes BPM so wonderful, it’s our chance as DJs to go play in paradise and relax in the sun and sand.
Ryan Crosson (Visionquest / Luciano & Friends)
A minor rest from the morning of the first until the late afternoon/evening of the first. Then go back out again!
Matthias Tanzmann (15 Years of Moon Harbour)
Sleep and lots of water.
Andrea Oliva (ANTS / All Gone Pete Tong)
My cure for New Year’s Day this year is traveling from London to Ibiza, playing Circoloco at DC10 and then later at a big festival called WAN in Madrid. There is no way I will have a hangover with all of that to look forward to!
andhim (Superfriends / All Gone Pete Tong)
Listening to Tobias play the flute for a few hours. It’s just magic!
Art Department (No. 19 Music – Social Experiment Mexico)
I never have a hangover until the 2nd or 3rd…but it’s usually a Big Mac in an airport that makes me hate myself for the remainder of the day.
Lee Burridge (All Day I Dream)
Staying up until January 2nd.
DJ Sneak (I’m A House Gangster)
More Tequila! Maybe a few Michaladas with some Chilaquiles to battle the pain!
Mark Farina (I’m A House Gangster)
There’s many ways! But one great way is with a cheeseburger and fries then watch some college football – the American version! We’ll see what I’ll do this New Year’s Day though as I’ll be in Brazil.
Cassy (Paradise / Do Not Sit On The Furniture)
More partying!