Tips From BPM DJs on What to Play During and After the NYE Countdown

By December 30, 2015 October 19th, 2020 BPM News

Whether you’re DJing at a gig or looking for the perfect track to take you into the new year at your house party, the soundtrack to your New Year’s Eve celebration can either make or break the night. Even more crucial are the tracks you’ll choose to play during the final seconds of 2015 and the first tune to hit your speakers in 2016. So as you’re making some last minute preparations to your playlist, our #BPM2016 DJs are here for you with some recommendations.
Chus & Ceballos (Stereo Productions / Toolroom Live)
During the countdown you can play whatever you want because nobody cares about the music as everybody is extremely excited counting down so don’t worry! Right after is another story, a good track would be Prince “Let’s Go Crazy,” a very proper way to start a wild night of madness!
StaceyPullen-Balance-9-2-2015 (45)
Stacey Pullen (No. 19 Music – Social Experiment Mexico / The BPM Festival Official Closing Party)
I never really thought about that but “Fly Life” by Basement Jaxx is a good one then we lead into, Cajmere “Percolator.”
Lee Curtiss (Visionquest / Smoke N’ Mirrors)
I played during the countdown last year in Dublin. I dropped the opening bars of David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance’” at midnight. I don’t think there’s a much better choice than that one.
Matthias Tanzmann (15 Years of Moon Harbour)
Luckily I still have a few days to think about that. Probably some classic hands-in-the-air techno / house tune.
Nicole Moudaber (Last Night On Earth / The BPM Festival Official Closing Party)
I actually don’t have any go-to tracks but as it gets closer, I’ll see where my mood takes me since I don’t normally calculate these things in advance.
MM Andhim-18
andhim (Superfriends / All Gone Pete Tong)
During: Europe – “The Final Countdown.” After: andhim – “Boy Boy Boy.”
DJ Sneak (I’m A House Gangster)
During I would play Bob Marley’s “Everything’s Going To Be Alright”. Then, I always thought the best track to bring in the year has always been The Heartists – “Belo Horizonti” on Basement Jaxx Label!
Cassy (Paradise / Do Not Sit On The Furniture)
Anything extremely uplifting and festive. Could be disco or techno, the energy has to be right.
Ramiro Lopez (Suara)
During: Pachanga Boys – “Time” – After: Inner City – “Good Life.”
Andrea Oliva (ANTS / All Gone Pete Tong)
It’s a surprise – I like to freestyle 🙂
Acid Mondays (RUMORS)
“Rock the Casbah” by The Clash.
Mark Farina (I’m A House Gangster)
During the NYE countdown I like to put in a train locomotive sound going in the background as it crescendos till the countdown. Then for after, I kind of always pick things in the spur in the moment, I never really pre-plan the first song of the new year. I just feel what’s going on up until that moment then I drop it, it’s always spontaneous.
Lee Burridge (All Day I Dream)
No track before, just the countdown! Then anything that takes it’s time to allow all that back slapping, hugging, kissing, glitter cannons, firm handshakes, cuddle puddles and pick pocketing to dissipate.
Coyu (Suara / Luciano & Friends)
Something euphoric and shiney. Tomas Andersson – “Happy Happy” could be a good tune for playing it after the countdown.
D’Julz (tINI & THE GANG / Music Is 4 Lovers)
A feel good early house classic always do the work.
Ryan Crosson (Visionquest / Luciano & Friends)
To be honest, I’m not sure if I’ve ever been playing right at 12 or just a stroke after but if I was I didn’t really have anything particular laid out if I was playing at the club. I probably grabbed something on the fly with a nice intro. At a house party all bets are off, go for it! I’m sure the party is in full swing already.
Art Department (No. 19 Music – Social Experiment Mexico)
I guess that all depends where you’re playing..but it’s always fun to play one of the biggest tunes of the previous year. I’ve been dying to try that David Guetta remix of “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”