BPM 2016 Artists Around the World on New Year’s Eve + Their New Year’s Resolutions

By December 28, 2015 October 19th, 2020 BPM News

2016 is so close! But before we kick off the year at The BPM Festival, we know you want to close out 2015 with a bang. So without further ado, here are some of your favorite BPM 2016 artists telling you where you can catch them on New Year’s Eve plus their resolutions for the new year.
Matthias Tanzmann
My 2016 Resolution: Sleep and lots of water.
For NYE 2016: Sankeys in Manchester, UK.
Andrea Oliva
My 2016 Resolution: Music is the answer – live and enjoy!!
For NYE 2016: Defected at Ministry Of Sound, London, UK.
MM Andhim-18
My 2016 Resolution: Tobias – I really want to smoke more cigarettes next year. From one pack to at least three a day. Simon – I’ll start playing World Of Warcraft and build the most glorious and powerful guild of all time.
For NYE 2016: Los Angeles, US for andhim Superfriends at Minimal Effort, The Belasco Theatre

Art Department
My 2016 Resolution: More writing, more taking care of my health and more time for my humans and my animals.
For NYE 2016: I’m doing four shows on New Year’s Eve and Day, beginning with a Viva show in London at Studio 338, then onto Blue Marlin Ibiza a bit later. Then home to Barcelona for the afternoon to play at my home there – El Row. Then down south to Movement at Passion Club in Malaga to end the 24-hour tour.
Lee Burridge
My 2016 Resolution: Make more people smile than 2015!
For NYE 2016: I’m playing New York in Williamsburg around sunrise on the morning of the 1st. The party is put on by BangOn.
My 2016 Resolution: Making an album and surviving WW3
For NYE 2016: Trust at Egg, London UK
DJ Sneak
My 2016 Resolution: I never make any, I just go with the ONE ABOVE (GOD) and what he wants me to be, I always believed in using the force.
For NYE 2016: At a Mexican Ballroom in Los Angeles, CA with my friend Doc Martin for one of his Sublevel California events,14th year anniversary to top it off!

Josh Wink
My 2016 Resolution: Haven’t gotten there yet. Thanks for the reminder!
For NYE 2016: Valencia, Spain. Hotel 82 at Spook.
Ryan Crosson
My 2016 Resolution: I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because I won’t keep it. If you really want to do something you do. If you don’t, you don’t. New Year’s has nothing to do with it.
For NYE 2016: Dublin, Ireland. Space Ibiza Tour @ Pygmalion
Acid Mondays
My 2016 Resolution: The same as every day, live in the moment!
For NYE 2016: We are playing a pop up party in London with Art Department
My 2016 Resolution: To listen to my instinct and speak from my heart.
For NYE 2016: I will spend NYE with my son and my boyfriend this year. Family time 🙂
Mark Farina
My 2016 Resolution: Ride my bike more! I haven’t gotten out there as much as I would have liked so gonna stick to that and ride it every couple of days.
For NYE 2016: I will be in Bahia, Brazil playing Tikal Praia Bar for Reveillion Tikal 2016. Should be lovely, nice time on the beach, Funktion 1 soundsystem, sure to be good!
Ramiro Lopez
My 2016 Resolution: Keep working, learning and enjoying this.
For NYE 2016: Bilbao, Spain – Zul Año Nuevo at Zul.
My 2016 Resolution: To help more street cats. Cats have helped me become a better person so I have a debt with them.
For NYE 2016: Austin, TX then Mexico City and then I’ll finish New Year’s weekend in LA.
Chus & Ceballos
My 2016 Resolution: Living with passion, loving music, staying healthy, keep enjoying our life like the first day. Wishing the best for family and friends and wishing peace to this crazy world.
For NYE 2016: New Year’s is going to be a real challenge and a true celebration to us this year. We are about to do one of the longest marathons ever in our career with a three gigs in two days. We start the night of the 31st at club Nest in Toronto, where we are gonna play for around 5-6 hours, then straight to airport for a private flight to NYC to play after hours at Space Ibiza in New York for another morning/ afternoon extended set and then another private flight to Montreal for our classic C&C Stereo Marathon set on January 1st evening. No better way to start the upcoming year and prepare ourselves for BPM!
StaceyPullen-Balance-9-2-2015 (45)
Stacey Pullen
My 2016 Resolution: To get rid of old clothes.
For NYE 2016: Detroit “New Years Eve w/ Stacey Pullen” TV Lounge
Lee Curtiss
My 2016 Resolution: Finish more music, work in the studio more. I have been traveling so much the past two years, I have been studio deprived. I’m moving to Los Angeles and teaming up with some amazing friends in a large, professional studio so my New Year’s resolution is to put the studio and myself to work.
For NYE 2016: I’m playing in Basel, Switzerland at Shallplatz, then 2 more shows on NYD.
Nicole Moudaber
My 2016 Resolution: Well I never have a New Year’s resolution but I’m going to carry on and just do more of what I’m doing.
For NYE 2016: I will be doing an all night session at Heart in Miami and I can’t wait for that!