The BPM Festival 2016 Artists Tell You Where and What to Eat While in Playa Del Carmen

By December 22, 2015 October 19th, 2020 BPM News

If there’s one thing other you should be looking forward to other than beats and beaches while at The BPM Festival, it’s the amazingly delicious Mexican cuisine you’ll find in Playa Del Carmen. From ceviche to tacos al pastor, BPM artists share some tips on what dishes and restaurants to hit during your time in Mexico for The BPM Festival.

What’s your favorite restaurant/Mexican dish to eat while in Playa?

“Fish tacos. You can get them anywhere in the world but Mexico is the best.” – Ryan Crosson (Visionquest)
“Tacos al pastor. It’s a classic and the ones at El Fogón are fabulous and delicious. Chile relleno is a great Mexican plate you can’t miss. And always accompanied by a Modelo Especial beer and some tequila shots!” – Chus & Ceballos (Stereo Productions / Toolroom Live)



“I love to eat all Mexican cuisine, I do not discriminate and ain’t mad at any food out there, we try all kinds of foods and meals. We even found poutine at Los Tabernacos which is surprisingly good, just as good as the real deal.” – DJ Sneak (I’m A House Gangster)
“Tacos, mole and ceviche.” – Acid Mondays
“I’d have to say one restaurant I frequent and love is Aldea Corazon. It’s right on 5th Avenue, which is the main pedestrian street, and it has a gorgeous garden and cenote tucked away in the back.” – Nicole Moudaber (Last Night On Earth / The BPM Festival Official Closing Party)
“Anything with fish!” – Cassy (Paradise)
“My favorite spot to hit is El Fogón, great tacos and nachos. I love the Mexican food so much sometimes I go there multiple times in one trip!” – Mark Farina (I’m A House Gangster)
“Plank. Great spot out of the way at 14th and 1st.” – Art Department (No. 19 Music – Social Experiment Mexico)
“Tacos!” – Coyu (Suara)
“Ceviche, burrito, chimichangas, coriqueso, empanadas, tacos :)” – Andrea Oliva (ANTS / All Gone Pete Tong)
“We love Ceviche and of course, tacos. Plus we really want to step up our spice game.” – Andhim (Superfriends / All Gone Pete Tong)
From Los Aguachiles Instagram.

From Los Aguachiles Instagram.

“Almirante Pech, Yaxche, Zenzi.” – D’Julz (tINI & THE GANG)
“Guacamole, anywhere they make it fresh. I love the little taco huts off the strip too.” – Lee Burridge (All Day I Dream)
“I don’t know what the name of it is, but Ryan Crosson and I went out looking for food in Tulum last year and found a little joint that said, ‘Best Fish Tacos In The World’ on the sign out front. We tried it, and they were not kidding. We went back again the next night, and they were seriously that good. I will walk up and down the road in Tulum this year looking for that place until I find it. Best Mango Habanero sauce ever created.” – Lee Curtiss (Visionquest)
“El Fogón.” – Stacey Pullen (No. 19 Music – Social Experiment Mexico / The BPM Festival Official Closing Party)
“Can’t wait to get my Tacolum treatment again.” – Matthias Tanzmann (15 Years of Moon Harbour)

Tacos at Tacolum – Image courtesy of Matthias Tanzmann