The BPM Festival 2016 Artists Share Their Favorite Way To Relax in Mexico!

By December 17, 2015 October 19th, 2020 BPM News

As we daydream of tacos and tequila on sandy beaches, some of our #BPM2016 artists describe their favorite way to relax while in Playa Del Carmen! Whether it’s beachside drinks, tanning, or a timeout in Tulum, we have tried and true suggestions from BPM veterans including Nicole Moudaber, Stacey Pullen, Matthias Tanzmann and many more!
What’s your favorite way to relax in Mexico?
“The perfect day would be to chill by the pool, eat some delicious Mexican food and then have Tobias rub sun cream onto my back.” – Simon of Andhim (Superfriends / All Gone Pete Tong)
“Cave scuba diving in a fresh water cenote.” – Josh Wink (Mobilee #LetGo)
“Go to Tulum and walk the beach until you don’t see anyone from techno sitting outside their bungalow. It’s a long walk truth be told.” – Lee Burridge (All Day I Dream)
“Chilling with friends at a nice BPM party, margaritas, music, Playa and food :-)” – Andrea Oliva (ANTS / All Gone Pete Tong)
BPM-Special Picks-ASD-9544
“Eat and sleep.” – Stacey Pullen (No. 19 Music – Social Experiment Mexico / The BPM Festival Official Closing Party)
“Eating and lying by the pool, or on the beach.” – Cassy (Paradise)
“Sitting at the beach with a cocktail and watching the waves roll in.” – Matthias Tanzmann (15 Years of Moon Harbour)
“There’s too much to list to do that is still super relaxing. Swimming, snorkeling, finding secluded beaches, and eating fish tacos.” – Lee Curtiss (Visionquest)
“Lots of sunbathing, massages, juicing, and music in the sun!” – Nicole Moudaber (Last Night On Earth / The BPM Festival Official Closing Party)
BPM-Jan13-VisionQuest-Cannibal Royal-CTL-9412
“Margarita on the beach with smooth jazz in my ears and a good book.” – Ramiro Lopez (Suara)
“Spend half of the day on the beach, half of the day partying.” – Coyu (Suara)
“One word: Tulum.” – D’Julz (tINI & THE GANG)
“Sitting on the beach and doing a lot of nothing! And of course, eating lots of tacos! Yum, yum, yum!” – Mark Farina (I’m A House Gangster)
“For the calm after the storm right after BPM, far away from Playa, we will go to Bacalar for some real R & R. It’s an amazing secluded fresh water lagoon, where all you can do is siesta, read, swim, eat and repeat.” – Chus & Ceballos (Stereo Productions / Toolroom Live)

(Credit: @alonsozavalaf on Instagram)

(Bacalar Lagoon. Credit: @alonsozavalaf on Instagram)