Get To Know The BPM Festival Mascots

By November 18, 2015 October 19th, 2020 BPM News

If there is one thing that’s for certain, it’s that The BPM Festival is about quality music and all around good times. Yet, these unmatched vibes are sometimes delivered from somewhere originating outside of the DJ booth. Enter The BPM Festival mascots.

A staple of The BPM Festival experience, our high-spirited mascots known as ‘B’, ‘P’, and ‘M’, always elevate the fiesta atmosphere wherever they show up. Dressed in their colorfully decorated head pieces, the trio have prepared their set of choreographed dance moves to share with you at #BPM2016. An exuberant bunch together with the Mushroom Girls, the BPM mascots are there to enhance your time at #BPM2016 and spread their contagious joy.

CONTEST: Want to win #BPM2016 closing party passes? Then be sure to snap a picture with The BPM Festival mascots during #BPM2016 and share it on Instagram tagging @TheBPMFestival and the hashtag #BPMMascots for your chance to win! The winner will be selected on Friday, January 15. So whether you’re grabbing a drink at the bar or in the middle of the dance floor, be on the lookout for Playa’s favorite crew!