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January 6, 2016 - No Comments!

Listen to The BPM Festival Podcast 43 with The Junkies!

#BPM2016 is nearly here and whether you’re flying your way over or taking a road trip through the Yucatán Peninsula and beyond, Toronto natives, The Junkies, have the soundtrack to your journey to Playa with The BPM Festival Podcast 43. As co-founders of the UNION party brand, join The Junkies as they play b2b2b with Carlo Lio and Nathan Barato at La Santanera on Wednesday, January 13.



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Listen to The BPM Festival Podcast 42 with Soul Clap!

Whether they’re playing at an underground party in Brooklyn or at a beachfront nightclub in Mexico, Boston natives Soul Clap are always keeping it funky. A BPM favorite, Soul Clap always deliver on their unique brand of positives vibes, where Crew Love is true love. But until then, keep on daydreaming about sunny blue skies and white sandy beaches as you jam to Soul Clap’s mix for The BPM Festival Podcast 42 titled “Crew Love On the Beach."

Following their Crew Love takeover at Canibal Royal, make sure to pre-order Based On A True Story, an album which features the coming together of both Wolf + Lamb and Crew Love artists. Preview one of the first tracks off the album here!



January 4, 2016 - 1 comment.

Don’t Forget These Essential Festival Items + DJs Share Unusual Rider Items!

Time to get packing! Our BPM DJs are here to make sure you’ve got all the essential items for the ten days of paradise you’re about to experience.

Also, what’s the most unusual item on your favorite BPM artist’s rider? Find out below!

Josh Wink (Mobilee #LetGo)
Essential Items: Your passport, baby powder and a ponytail holder.
Most Unusual Item on My Rider: It's not unusual for me, but vegan and organic drinks (cold pressed juices) and snacks.

D’Julz (tINI & THE GANG / Music Is 4 Lovers)
Essential Items: A tequila shots survival kit.
Most Unusual Item on My Rider: A good warm up DJ!


Lee Curtiss (Visionquest / Smoke N' Mirrors)
Essential Items: Extra sandles, you're going to lose at least one, and end up barefoot going home from a party. Sunblock, all the pale people I know end up fried like doughnuts. Acapulco shirts. A tape recorder for special music - Jefferson Airplane "White Rabbit."
Most Unusual Item on My Rider: I always ask for room 112, where the players dwell. No one seems to get it.

Mark Farina (I’m A House Gangster)
Essential Items: Good portable speakers, which I never travel without, because you never know where you're going to need tunes. Swimsuit. Flip flops. And of course, all the new music you can bring.
Most Unusual Item on My Rider: Derrick Carter riding a horse! It was very hard to achieve and it has only happened once in the entire history of the world. Very rare.

Ryan Crosson  (Visionquest / Luciano & Friends)
Essential Items: Sunscreen. My nose lights up like Rudolph if I don't take care of it.
Most Unusual Item on My Rider: I don't have anything unusual. I think putting shit on your rider you don't need is crass and arrogant. You're already getting paid to play music you love. Don't be an asshole, there are enough around already.


Art Department (No. 19 Music - Social Experiment Mexico / Ya'ah Mull II)
Essential Items: I like to bring Bill Patrick wherever I go...he's good times and makes me feel like I don't complain too much.
Most Unusual Item on My Rider: I still have lemonade on there from when Kenny use to sing on our first tour six years ago. I’m always impressed when a promoter bothers to actually read it and I've got it in the booth. Never touch the stuff.

Matthias Tanzmann (15 Years of Moon Harbour / The BPM Festival Presents...)
Essential Items: Sunglasses and swim shorts.
Most Unusual Item on My Rider: My rider is pretty standard. No rubber boats or super rare drinks

andhim (Superfriends / All Gone Pete Tong)
Essential Items: Never forget your massage oils and scented candles!
Most Unusual Item on Our Rider: Hot sauce.


DJ Sneak (I’m A House Gangster)
Essential Items: Sunglasses, sandals and music!
Most Unusual Item on My Rider: Bipolar chocolate bear claws, Brazilian octopus incense, and Siberian goat milk salad!

Stacey Pullen (No. 19 Music - Social Experiment Mexico / The BPM Festival Official Closing Party)
Essential Items: Hand sanitizer.
Most Unusual Item on My Rider: If it's not in my rider then I must already have it.

Andrea Oliva (ANTS / All Gone Pete Tong)
Essential Items: Hopefully a lot of sun cream, good music and good vibes.
Most Unusual Item on My Rider: Smokes - to avoid asking everybody for a cigarette.


Lee Burridge (All Day I Dream)
Essential Items: A strong constitution. A broad taste in music. The person you love the most to share it with.
Most Unusual Item on My Rider: I’m trying to get to a point where I don't have a rider. There's way too much unnecessary decadence in them. I used to have a sparkle pony and two unicorns listed a while back.

Ramiro Lopez (Suara)
Essential Items: Sunglasses, sun cream, mosquito repellent and a swimsuit.
Most Unusual Item on My Rider: Nothing very unusual. I think the most weird thing is ask for sparkling water instead of still water.

Nicole Moudaber (Last Night On Earth / The BPM Festival Official Closing Party)
Essential Items: Obviously my 30SPF sunscreen, lots of oil, and lots of lotion because that’s what I’m going to be working on when I’m in Playa.
Most Unusual Item on My Rider: Normally I don’t act like a prima donna on my rider although I am a prima donna in my private time. I respect the promoters a lot, especially since I was a promoter in the past, and I’m not Lady Gaga so I keep it real.


Chus & Ceballos (Stereo Productions / Toolroom Live)
Essential Items: Antacid to kill chilly pain, extra pair of sunglasses (you will lose them for sure), tank tops and big smiles.
Most Unusual Item on Our Rider: Not crazy shit to be honest, the most extravagant thing on our rider probably is a bottle of Rose Champagne Veuve Clicquot Brut and bananas so not a big deal, we are very easy going with that.

Coyu (Suara / Luciano & Friends)
Essential Items: Good vibes!
Most Unusual Item on My Rider: I’m not very picky with riders, I just ask for easy things like pink unicorns and flying pigs.

Cassy (Paradise / Do Not Sit On The Furniture)
Essential Items: Sunscreen, swimsuits, shorts and flip flops, and a DJ nanny.
Most Unusual Item on My Rider: Rooibos tea.


Acid Mondays (RUMORS)
Essential Items: Penny farthing, a pencil case and an open mind.
Most Unusual Item on Our Rider: Raw food bars and coconuts.

January 2, 2016 - No Comments!

Vamos a la Playa con Renato Ratier

As a leading figure in the Brazilian underground dance music scene, Warung and D-Edge club owner Renato Ratier knows a thing or two about a good time. Watch below as the BPM veteran describes how the unique atmosphere of Playa del Carmen creates an unmatched festival experience for both DJs and festival-goers. Make sure to see him at Salsanera on Sunday, January 10 for Warung vs Superfriends! Tickets are available here.

In English:

In Portuguese:

January 1, 2016 - No Comments!

BPM DJ Hangovers: The Best Remedies For The Morning After

¡Feliz año nuevo! 2016 is here and The BPM Festival is now only a week away and if you did New Year’s Eve proper, we know that inevitable hangover is starting to kick in. Lucky for you, our party experts and BPM artists are here with some solutions to help you get off the couch, pack your bags, and get ready for the dance music marathon of the year!


Nicole Moudaber (Last Night On Earth / The BPM Festival Official Closing Party)
More alcohol! It keeps things ticking!


Ramiro Lopez (Suara)
Water, ibuprofen, beer and tapas.


Coyu (Suara / Luciano & Friends)
More partying! Plus Mexico City looks like a good place to cure your hangover.


Chus & Ceballos (Stereo Productions / Toolroom Live)
Going out to another party!! But some good advice is to drink tons of water, junk food, extra supplies of Advil, and to watch a long classic sleepy movies like The Lord of The Rings, Boyhood or Ben-Hur. That way, in case you fall asleep you can still watch the end!

StaceyPullen-Balance-9-2-2015 (1)

Stacey Pullen (No. 19 Music - Social Experiment Mexico / The BPM Festival Official Closing Party)
More partying.


Lee Curtiss (Visionquest / Smoke N' Mirrors)
That's a trick question. There is no hangover cure for a DJ, only more drinks, more flights, and more parties. We get our hangover sometime around the 2nd of January, some of us even the 3rd...and my God are they horrible. That's part of what makes BPM so wonderful, it's our chance as DJs to go play in paradise and relax in the sun and sand.


Ryan Crosson (Visionquest / Luciano & Friends)
A minor rest from the morning of the first until the late afternoon/evening of the first. Then go back out again!


Matthias Tanzmann (15 Years of Moon Harbour)
Sleep and lots of water.


Andrea Oliva (ANTS / All Gone Pete Tong)
My cure for New Year’s Day this year is traveling from London to Ibiza, playing Circoloco at DC10 and then later at a big festival called WAN in Madrid. There is no way I will have a hangover with all of that to look forward to!


andhim (Superfriends / All Gone Pete Tong)
Listening to Tobias play the flute for a few hours. It's just magic!


Art Department (No. 19 Music - Social Experiment Mexico)
I never have a hangover until the 2nd or 3rd...but it’s usually a Big Mac in an airport that makes me hate myself for the remainder of the day.


Lee Burridge (All Day I Dream)
Staying up until January 2nd.


DJ Sneak (I’m A House Gangster)
More Tequila! Maybe a few Michaladas with some Chilaquiles to battle the pain!


Mark Farina (I’m A House Gangster)
There's many ways! But one great way is with a cheeseburger and fries then watch some college football - the American version! We'll see what I'll do this New Year's Day though as I'll be in Brazil.


Cassy (Paradise / Do Not Sit On The Furniture)
More partying!

January 4, 2016 - No Comments!

Listen to The BPM Festival Podcast 41 with Eagles & Butterflies!

2016 is here and that means the ninth edition of The BPM Festival is just around the corner! But before we hit the dance floor, turn up your speakers as Eagles & Butterflies presents The BPM Festival Podcast 41. With productions ranging from downtempo to techno and house music, this skillful producer has landed releases on esteemed underground labels such as Bedrock Records, Get Physical, Noir Music and more. Equally experienced on the decks, see Eagles & Butterflies play the Bedrock Records showcase on Sunday, January 10 @ Blue Parrot.

01. Eagles & Butterflies - Untitled
02. Eagles & Butterflies - Untitled
03. Eagles & Butterflies - The Secret Garden
04. Eagles & Butterflies - Untitled
05. Eagles & Butterflies - We Get High (Remix)
06. Eagles & Butterflies Ft JUDGE - So Long (Eagles & Butterflies Remix)
07. Ludocivo Einaudi - Elements (Eagles & Butterflies Remix)
08. Eagles & Butterflies - Untitled
09. Eagles & Butterflies - Untitled
10. Eagles & Butterflies - Untitled
11. Ame - Rej (Eagles & Butterflies Remix)



December 30, 2015 - No Comments!

Vamos a la playa con Hector

Watch Mexico's own Hector explain why The BPM Festival is every house and techno lover's dream. From beachfront venues to the world's leading DJs, join Hector at one of the last #BPM2016 parties as he celebrates the one-year anniversary of his Vatos Locos party brand and the launch of his VL label on Sunday, January 17 at Canibal Royal from 12pm to 9pm. Tickets available here!

December 30, 2015 - No Comments!

Tips From BPM DJs on What to Play During and After the NYE Countdown

Whether you’re DJing at a gig or looking for the perfect track to take you into the new year at your house party, the soundtrack to your New Year’s Eve celebration can either make or break the night. Even more crucial are the tracks you’ll choose to play during the final seconds of 2015 and the first tune to hit your speakers in 2016. So as you're making some last minute preparations to your playlist, our #BPM2016 DJs are here for you with some recommendations.


Chus & Ceballos (Stereo Productions / Toolroom Live)
During the countdown you can play whatever you want because nobody cares about the music as everybody is extremely excited counting down so don't worry! Right after is another story, a good track would be Prince “Let's Go Crazy,” a very proper way to start a wild night of madness!

StaceyPullen-Balance-9-2-2015 (45)

Stacey Pullen (No. 19 Music - Social Experiment Mexico / The BPM Festival Official Closing Party)
I never really thought about that but "Fly Life" by Basement Jaxx is a good one then we lead into, Cajmere "Percolator.”


Lee Curtiss (Visionquest / Smoke N' Mirrors)
I played during the countdown last year in Dublin. I dropped the opening bars of David Bowie's “Let's Dance'” at midnight. I don't think there's a much better choice than that one.


Matthias Tanzmann (15 Years of Moon Harbour)
Luckily I still have a few days to think about that. Probably some classic hands-in-the-air techno / house tune.


Nicole Moudaber (Last Night On Earth / The BPM Festival Official Closing Party)
I actually don’t have any go-to tracks but as it gets closer, I’ll see where my mood takes me since I don’t normally calculate these things in advance.

MM Andhim-18

andhim (Superfriends / All Gone Pete Tong)
During: Europe - “The Final Countdown.” After: andhim - “Boy Boy Boy.”


DJ Sneak (I’m A House Gangster)
During I would play Bob Marley’s “Everything's Going To Be Alright”. Then, I always thought the best track to bring in the year has always been The Heartists - “Belo Horizonti” on Basement Jaxx Label!


Cassy (Paradise / Do Not Sit On The Furniture)
Anything extremely uplifting and festive. Could be disco or techno, the energy has to be right.


Ramiro Lopez (Suara)
During: Pachanga Boys – “Time” - After: Inner City – “Good Life.”


Andrea Oliva (ANTS / All Gone Pete Tong)
It’s a surprise - I like to freestyle :)


Acid Mondays (RUMORS)
"Rock the Casbah" by The Clash.


Mark Farina (I’m A House Gangster)
During the NYE countdown I like to put in a train locomotive sound going in the background as it crescendos till the countdown. Then for after, I kind of always pick things in the spur in the moment, I never really pre-plan the first song of the new year. I just feel what's going on up until that moment then I drop it, it's always spontaneous.


Lee Burridge (All Day I Dream)
No track before, just the countdown! Then anything that takes it's time to allow all that back slapping, hugging, kissing, glitter cannons, firm handshakes, cuddle puddles and pick pocketing to dissipate.


Coyu (Suara / Luciano & Friends)
Something euphoric and shiney. Tomas Andersson - “Happy Happy” could be a good tune for playing it after the countdown.


D’Julz (tINI & THE GANG / Music Is 4 Lovers)
A feel good early house classic always do the work.


Ryan Crosson (Visionquest / Luciano & Friends)
To be honest, I'm not sure if I've ever been playing right at 12 or just a stroke after but if I was I didn't really have anything particular laid out if I was playing at the club. I probably grabbed something on the fly with a nice intro. At a house party all bets are off, go for it! I'm sure the party is in full swing already.


Art Department (No. 19 Music - Social Experiment Mexico)
I guess that all depends where you're playing..but it’s always fun to play one of the biggest tunes of the previous year. I've been dying to try that David Guetta remix of “If You're Happy and You Know It.”

December 29, 2015 - No Comments!

Nick Curly Celebrates 8bit Records 10th Anniversary with his ‘Reverie’ EP

As part of 8bit Records ten year anniversary, Nick Curly extends the celebration with the release of his ‘Reverie’ EP. Receiving an outstanding 8/10 review from Mixmag, the two track EP serves as a prime example of the quality music that the label has been releasing since 2006. As co-label head together with Gorge Demos, Curly’s keen ear to the underground house scene has allowed 8bit Records grow into a respected house label in the techno-dominated country of Germany.



December 28, 2015 - No Comments!

BPM 2016 Artists Around the World on New Year’s Eve + Their New Year’s Resolutions

2016 is so close! But before we kick off the year at The BPM Festival, we know you want to close out 2015 with a bang. So without further ado, here are some of your favorite BPM 2016 artists telling you where you can catch them on New Year’s Eve plus their resolutions for the new year.


Matthias Tanzmann
My 2016 Resolution: Sleep and lots of water.
For NYE 2016: Sankeys in Manchester, UK.


Andrea Oliva
My 2016 Resolution: Music is the answer - live and enjoy!!
For NYE 2016: Defected at Ministry Of Sound, London, UK.

MM Andhim-18

My 2016 Resolution: Tobias - I really want to smoke more cigarettes next year. From one pack to at least three a day. Simon - I'll start playing World Of Warcraft and build the most glorious and powerful guild of all time.
For NYE 2016: Los Angeles, US for andhim Superfriends at Minimal Effort, The Belasco Theatre


Art Department
My 2016 Resolution: More writing, more taking care of my health and more time for my humans and my animals.
For NYE 2016: I'm doing four shows on New Year’s Eve and Day, beginning with a Viva show in London at Studio 338, then onto Blue Marlin Ibiza a bit later. Then home to Barcelona for the afternoon to play at my home there - El Row. Then down south to Movement at Passion Club in Malaga to end the 24-hour tour.


Lee Burridge
My 2016 Resolution: Make more people smile than 2015!
For NYE 2016: I'm playing New York in Williamsburg around sunrise on the morning of the 1st. The party is put on by BangOn.


My 2016 Resolution: Making an album and surviving WW3
For NYE 2016: Trust at Egg, London UK


DJ Sneak
My 2016 Resolution: I never make any, I just go with the ONE ABOVE (GOD) and what he wants me to be, I always believed in using the force.
For NYE 2016: At a Mexican Ballroom in Los Angeles, CA with my friend Doc Martin for one of his Sublevel California events,14th year anniversary to top it off!


Josh Wink
My 2016 Resolution: Haven't gotten there yet. Thanks for the reminder!
For NYE 2016: Valencia, Spain. Hotel 82 at Spook.


Ryan Crosson
My 2016 Resolution: I don't make New Year’s resolutions because I won't keep it. If you really want to do something you do. If you don't, you don't. New Year’s has nothing to do with it.
For NYE 2016: Dublin, Ireland. Space Ibiza Tour @ Pygmalion


Acid Mondays
My 2016 Resolution: The same as every day, live in the moment!
For NYE 2016: We are playing a pop up party in London with Art Department


My 2016 Resolution: To listen to my instinct and speak from my heart.
For NYE 2016: I will spend NYE with my son and my boyfriend this year. Family time :)


Mark Farina
My 2016 Resolution: Ride my bike more! I haven't gotten out there as much as I would have liked so gonna stick to that and ride it every couple of days.
For NYE 2016: I will be in Bahia, Brazil playing Tikal Praia Bar for Reveillion Tikal 2016. Should be lovely, nice time on the beach, Funktion 1 soundsystem, sure to be good!


Ramiro Lopez
My 2016 Resolution: Keep working, learning and enjoying this.
For NYE 2016: Bilbao, Spain - Zul Año Nuevo at Zul.


My 2016 Resolution: To help more street cats. Cats have helped me become a better person so I have a debt with them.
For NYE 2016: Austin, TX then Mexico City and then I’ll finish New Year’s weekend in LA.


Chus & Ceballos
My 2016 Resolution: Living with passion, loving music, staying healthy, keep enjoying our life like the first day. Wishing the best for family and friends and wishing peace to this crazy world.
For NYE 2016: New Year’s is going to be a real challenge and a true celebration to us this year. We are about to do one of the longest marathons ever in our career with a three gigs in two days. We start the night of the 31st at club Nest in Toronto, where we are gonna play for around 5-6 hours, then straight to airport for a private flight to NYC to play after hours at Space Ibiza in New York for another morning/ afternoon extended set and then another private flight to Montreal for our classic C&C Stereo Marathon set on January 1st evening. No better way to start the upcoming year and prepare ourselves for BPM!

StaceyPullen-Balance-9-2-2015 (45)

Stacey Pullen
My 2016 Resolution: To get rid of old clothes.
For NYE 2016: Detroit "New Years Eve w/ Stacey Pullen" TV Lounge


Lee Curtiss
My 2016 Resolution: Finish more music, work in the studio more. I have been traveling so much the past two years, I have been studio deprived. I'm moving to Los Angeles and teaming up with some amazing friends in a large, professional studio so my New Year’s resolution is to put the studio and myself to work.
For NYE 2016: I'm playing in Basel, Switzerland at Shallplatz, then 2 more shows on NYD.


Nicole Moudaber
My 2016 Resolution: Well I never have a New Year’s resolution but I’m going to carry on and just do more of what I’m doing.
For NYE 2016: I will be doing an all night session at Heart in Miami and I can’t wait for that!


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