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May 11, 2016 - No Comments!

The BPM Festival 2017 Dates Announced!

Get ready for the biggest fiesta the underground dance music scene has ever witnessed as we celebrate our 10th anniversary January 6 to 15, 2017 in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

With over 430 artists and more than 70,000 attendees at this past year's edition, The BPM Festival 2017 promises to be bigger and better than ever before, bringing together the best in global underground dance music, nonstop dancing, and endless adventure. Don't miss out on the celebration when Super Early Bird 10-Day passes go on sale Wednesday, June 1st at

Relive the magic and watch The BPM Festival 2016 Thank You video below!

March 16, 2016 - No Comments!

On The Road to BPM at Miami Music Week!

The BPM Festival invades Miami Music Week! Join us for the first #OnTheRoadtoBPM party of the year on Saturday, March 19 at The National Hotel in Miami Beach. Featuring a lineup of BPM veterans and newcomers, get into the true BPM spirit with the likes of Apollonia, Chris Liebing, Matthias Tanzmann, Andrea Oliva, Lauren Lane, Shaded (live), Lisbona Sisters, Roustam, Donnie Lowe, and Hugo Bianco. Tickets are available on wantickets while supplies last.




Advance tickets available on wantickets.

March 14, 2016 - No Comments!

Listen to The BPM Festival Podcast 46 with Julien Loreto!

After impressive sets at both Salsanera and Tribeca during #BPM2016, Toronto underground favorite and veteran of The BPM Festival, Julien Loreto has the latest the mix for The BPM Festival podcast. Having shared the booth with DJ heavyweights such as Joseph Capriati, Stacey Pullen, and Carl Craig, Julien Loreto has proven time after time why he is one of Toronto’s leading DJs.

Be sure to also take a look at photos from the night Julien played the rooftop of Salsanera on the first night of #BPM2016 here.

March 8, 2016 - No Comments!

Check out Sonus Festival!

Can’t get enough of quality house and techno? Then check out our friends at Sonus Festival and see some familiar faces August 21-25 in Croatia! Spread across three clubs at Zrce Beach on Pag Island, Croatia, catch BPM alums such as Apollonia, Joseph Capriati, Loco Dice, Marco Carola, The Martinez Brothers and many more as they help you close out the summer season in style over 5 days and nights of non-stop dancing.

Find out more at



March 3, 2016 - No Comments!

DJs Name What Tracks Rocked the Dancefloor at #BPM2016 (Part 2)

As the second part of our series, our #BPM2016 DJs continue to name the tracks that helped create those special moments at this year’s festival. Check it out and see what tracks DJs such as John Digweed, Dennis Ferrer, and Soul Clap selected as their favorites from The BPM Festival 2016.

John Digweed
Track: Eagles & Butterflies - "Murder Was The Bass" - out now on Bedrock Records
Played at: Bedrock Records showcase at Blue Parrot

"This is a cover of one of the biggest techno tracks of the last 10 years. It's been approved by Jesper Dahlback, the original producer (aka DK8). We tracked him down to his log cabin in snowy Sweden for this rare accolade." Listen here!


Track: Loco & Jam - "Ripper" - out soon on Transmit Recordings
Played at: Transmit / MB Elektronics Showcase at La Santanera

"This track had a big impact and huge reaction on the dance floor, which is always the most important part in a track." Listen here!


Track:  Metodi Hristov - “Don’t You Know” - out on Lapsus Music
Played at: Stereo Productions Showcase at Wah Wah Beach Bar

"We love Metodi’s groove. Straight and super solid at same time. Whenever we play this track during our set, it's a sure dancefloor filler." Listen here!


Dennis Ferrer
Track: Butch - "Dope" - out now on Play It, Say It
Played at: Insane at Martina Beach Club

"It’s sort of a sample based loopy track reminiscent of a 90’s classic but with a modern twist.  It’s worked EVERY SINGLE time! lol! It starts up slowly building and building until the break just lets all hell loose and it's hands in the air time. Thing is…it’s not new…it's been around for a while. But I’ve always never paid mind to how old something is…if it’s hot’s just Whether it was made last week, four months ago or ten years ago is of no concern or relevance to me." Listen here!


Track:  ANNA - "Odd Concept" -  out now on Diynamic
Played at:  Tronic Showcase at Wah Wah Beach Bar

"I've been playing it for a while now and it's always a highlight of any gig when I do it. It's got an eerie mood but is still very energetic and captivating, it just never fails." Listen here!


Track: Joeski - "Babylon" - out soon on Maya Records
Played at: I'm a House Gangster at Salsanera

"The trippy reggae dub vibe worked the crowd." Listen here!


Soul Clap
Track: PillowTalk & Soul Clap - “Love Train” ft. Greg Paulus & Crew Love - out now on Crew Love Records
Played at: Crew Love at Canibal Royal

"The energy in the room was electric when 'Love Train' was being made," Soul Clap's Lonely C tells THUMP. "It was three days into our Crew Love jam session at Redbull Studios and we had really hit a stride. We had the initial chord progression going and things started to sound like that classic piano house feel, then I suddenly sprung up from the couch I was sitting and started to play this infectious bass line. Sammy D (of Pillowtalk) then ran into the vocal booth and started singing "Riding on the Love Train"... everyone went nuts and hurried into the booth joining him. On both sides of the glass the whole crew was getting down, it was a family affair and we knew we had our new anthem!" Listen here!


Anthony Attalla
Track: Anthony Attalla - “F1” - out now on Yoshitoshi
Played at: Yoshitoshi showcase at Wah Wah Beach Bar

“I had a lot of tracks that went over well but the ones that meant the most to me were some of my unreleased productions. It's always fun (and a little scary) dropping your new productions, especially if they're new and unreleased productions. If I had to pick one, I'd say my track "F1" which is doing really well in the charts at the moment (sitting at #12). Most people in the crowd knew it was mine, so the reaction was great, and it was as if we were all connected for that tune.” Listen here!


Marco Bailey
Track: Unreleased collaboration between Marco Bailey and Inca
Played at: Transmit / MB Elektronics Showcase at La Santanera

"The impact and the energy that it brought to the people. It made me feel good to see the crowd's reaction."

Words by Sleepy & Boo

February 25, 2016 - No Comments!

DJs Name What Tracks Rocked the Dancefloor at #BPM2016 (Part 1)

With over 430 artists performing at over 80 showcases, The BPM Festival has positioned itself as where the world's leading tastemaking DJs gather to showcase their newest and hottest tracks. Previewing a year’s worth of future anthems there were thousands of tracks - new and old alike - played at this year's edition.

We spoke to 19 DJs and asked them to name one standout track from their BPM sets that’s sure to be the next stone-cold dancefloor classic. Let’s look back and remember how some of these cuts soundtracked an epic week of fun and music, and the one-of-a-kind experience that has made the BPM such a must-go destination for artists and fans alike.

Jump in and find out what tracks they name in our first of two part series.


Nicole Moudaber
Track: Audion - Mouth to Mouth (Scuba’s Orbital 93 Mix)
Played at: Last Night On Earth at Martina Beach

“I dropped it at Last Night On Earth at Martina Beach when I played with Sasha. It rocked Playa del Carmen.”


Josh Wink
Track: Josh Wink - "Denial (Tweak Dub)" - Ovum Records
Played at: Knee Deep in Mobilee at Blue Parrot

"I didn't do an Ovum party this year, and decided to only be a part of one event, as I was in Mexico with my family. So, I was happy to be part of the Mobilee party, which got moved due to the rain. So, it then became a B2B night with Mobilee and Knee Deep at Blue Parrot. I played 45 minutes B2B with Heidi. In the end, I played 4 tracks. One of them was my Denial track on Ovum. The dub version. People knew it, yelled when the vocals came in, and screamed when it started jacking and tweaking. A good feeling." Listen here!


Adrian Hour
Track: Beth Lydi - "Jump the Couch (Adrian Hour remix)" - Out now on SNOE
Played at: Toolroom Records showcase at Salsanera

"This track has a really good vibe, very fresh sounds, and it works perfectly for my sound nowadays. I played it at Toolroom at Salsanera, it was amazing!" Listen here!


Track: Kings of Tomorrow - “I Want You for Myself (Sharam’s Playa Remix)” - coming out in March on Yoshitoshi
Played at: Yoshitoshi showcase at Wah Wah Beach Bar

“It’s a classic Yoshi release from 1998. It’s been one of my favorite Yoshi signings and i have always wanted to remix it. In fact, I did a version three years ago that I played at the first Yoshitoshi at BPM party at Kool Beach — and it’s on the live Wildcast. I always wanted to properly finish it. So I finally finished that version and did another one too. This is the new one, and it’s coming out as package #8 of our Yoshitoshi 20th anniversary project.” Listen here!


Track: Chris Tietjen - "Smoke Stack (Randall M remix)" - out now on Atrakt Recordings
Played at: Music On at Blue Parrot

"This is a very dark track. It's perfect for the first few hours, and creates a special atmosphere." Listen here!


Track: Weska - "The Ally of Lars" - out now on Octopus Recordings
Played at: Octopus Recordings showcase at La Santanera

"This track has big tough production, and synth melodies in the break that crush the dancefloor!" Listen here!


Eagles & Butterflies
Track: Eagle & Butterflies - "Shinto" - Exit Strategy
Played at: Bedrock showcase at Blue Parrot

"This is one of my favorite records." Listen here!


Matthias Tanzmann
Track: Gemini - "Where Do I Go (Sebo K Edit)" - out now on Robsoul Records
Played at: 15 Years of Moon Harbour at La Santanera Roof

"This is an edit of an old Gemini track. Super funky tune. It is coming out soon as part of a package of edits by Sebo K on Robsoul. All of them are great." Listen here!


Jean Pierre
Track: Marco Faraone - "Rotaryknobs (Radio Slave Remix)" - out now on Uncage
Played at: Transmit Recordings / MB Electronics Showcase at La Santanera

"The energy and vibe when I dropped it really got everybody in front of my face at La Santanera. They started yelling and clapping which really got me feeling this track even more." Listen here!


Christian Smith
Track: Eric Sneo - "Out of Step" - out May 2016 on Tronic
Played at: Tronic showcase at Wah Wah Beach Bar

"It's techno but with a very housey feel. Its very simple and never fails to rock the house. A weapon!" Listen here!

Words by Sleepy & Boo

February 18, 2016 - No Comments!

We’re Nominated for “Festival of the Year” in the first ever EMAF!

In addition to our recent IDMA nomination for “Best Music Event” (vote here!), we’re very excited to have also been nominated for “Festival of the Year” in the first ever Electronic Music Awards & Foundation! Keep an eye out on BPM socials for details on how to vote for The BPM Festival and make sure to check out the broadcast of the EMAF when it airs on Saturday, April 23 at 8 PM ET on FOX.

February 15, 2016 - No Comments!

2016 International Dance Music Awards (IDMA)

We’re very happy that we’ve been nominated once again for the International Dance Music Award (IDMA) “Best Music Event”. We also love seeing many of our BPM alums like Carl Cox, Jamie Jones, Nicole Moudaber, Hot Since 82, Tiga, Alan Fitzpatrick, and many more!

Voting ends March 2. See all the nominees and vote now here!


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