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October 14, 2016 - No Comments!

The BPM Festival 2017: First Ten Showcases + Festival Pass On Sale Info

Celebrating ten years of dancing on white sandy beaches, unforgettable sunrise and sunsets parties, and countless musical moments that will be forever cherished, we are excited to announce the first ten showcases for our tenth anniversary celebration in our home of Playa del Carmen, Mexico, taking place January 6-15, 2017.

Welcoming a selection of iconic party brands and record labels that have grown together with BPM and joined our BPM familia over the years, the first ten announced showcases are:

January 6  Knee Deep In Sound
January 7  The BPM Festival presents YA’AH MUUL
January 8  Social Experiment
January 8  Music On
January 9  Keinemusik
January 12  Paradise
January 13  SCI+TEC
January 13  Warriors
January 14  Nicole Moudaber presents MOOD
January 14  RUMORS
January 14  The BPM Festival presents YA’AH MUUL
+ Many more to be announced!

Festival passes will go on sale Thursday, October 20 at 11am PDT / 1pm EST / 2pm EDT / 7pm BST exclusively on Available festival passes include:

3 Day Opening Weekend Passes (Valid Jan. 6-8)
3 Day Closing Weekend Passes (Valid Jan. 13-15)
7 Day Festival Passes (Valid Jan. 9-15)
10 Day Festival Passes (Valid Jan. 6-15)

Payment plans will be available for 7 and 10-day passes. Festival pass perks include entry to all BPM events during the respective date range, line bypass, guaranteed entry (subject to venue’s legal capacity) in addition to discounts at over 125 local stores and restaurants.

If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQ page here.

We can’t wait to see you and all your amigos on the beaches of Playa for the biggest and best fiesta we have ever had!


August 6, 2016 - No Comments!

BPM LOCAL ACTIONS / Donation Party with Timo Maas

[Versión en español abajo]

Let's dance for a good cause

Over the past few years as a way to help the local community here in Playa Del Carmen, The BPM Festival has called on the help of fans to support our donation events for various local causes.  Whether it’s food for disaster relief  or sweaters during winter for those who are in need, we have appreciated the great response from fans for these activities.  If you were coming to party, it's an added bonus to help those in need while you dance!

This time, The BPM Festival and Blue Parrot presented another donation party edition where any of these food combinations were valid for one ticket to see Timo Maas: 6 cans of tuna, or 2 kg, of rice / beans, or 6 bottles of water. We received the following donation:

744 liters of water

956 cans of tuna

470 bags of rice

127 bags of bean

Food was delivered to DIF Solidaridad this week.  DIF Solidaridad is a local official organization which regularly supports vulnerable groups in Playa, and in case there was a natural disaster (knock on wood!) - they would be in charge of distributing this food the best way for the community.

If you danced with Timo Maas, Omar Labastida and Jeff Gold on July 28 at Blue Parrot, you helped be part of this donation. Gracias!

A bailar por una buena causa

Durante los últimos años y con la intención de apoyar a la comunidad local de Playa del Carmen, The BPM Festival ha buscado el apoyo de los fans en eventos por donativo para distintas causas sociales.  Ya sean alimentos no perecederos, o prendas de abrigo durante el invierno para gente necesitada, hemos notado una buena respuesta a estas iniciativas.  Si ya era seguro que vendrías a la fiesta, por qué no divertirte ayudando.  

En esta ocasión, en conjunto con Blue Parrot, The BPM Festival presentó otra edición de fiesta por donativo donde cualquiera de estas combinaciones era equivalente a un acceso personal para ver a Timo Maas: 6 latas de atún, 2 kg. de arroz o frijol, ó 6 botellas de agua. Al final de la noche cerramos con los siguientes donativos: 

744 lt. de agua

956 latas de atún

470 bolsas de arroz

127 de frijol.

Los alimentos fueron entregados esta semana al DIF Solidaridad, organización local oficial que contribuye regularmente al bienestar de los grupos vulnerables en Playa, y en caso de que hubiera una contingencia  (toco madera!) - estarían a cargo de distribuir estos alimentos de la mejor manera.

Si bailaste con Timo Maas, Omar Labastida y Jeff Gold el pasado 28 de julio en Blue Parrot, eres parte de este donativo. ¡Gracias!

July 29, 2016 - No Comments!

The BPM Festival Online Store is here!

Now you can stock up on BPM merchandise year round! We are excited to announce the launch of our online store featuring all things BPM from hats to bikinis as well as a selection of urban men and womenswear. Rep our 2-way romper on the beach or at the party and stay fresh in one of our stylish classic tees.

Don’t wait until you get to Playa Del Carmen, celebrate our grand opening and shop now with 20% off storewide by entering promo code Opening20 and get yourself ready for our 10th anniversary this January!

Make sure you stop by our in-store location to catch our seasonal sales, not applicable online.

Shop now!

July 21, 2016 - No Comments!

BPM LOCAL ACTIONS / End of School Celebration at Blue Parrot

[Versión en español abajo]

End of School Year Celebration at Blue Parrot for 10 - 17 Year Old Students 

As Part of our ongoing local actions, The BPM Festival team organized for a second year, a party for the Family City Department for youth, called "Grupo 10 - 17".  This group encourages adolescents and teenagers to finish basic school with different activities, that pursue school permanence.

On the evening of July 14, at one of BPM iconic venues: Blue Parrot, the club resident DJ and BPM veteran Omar Labastida, made everyone dance at an original kids FOAM PARTY, which guests included teachers, classmates, Blue Parrot staff and BPM team.

As in any mexican party you must share good food and lots of fun, and so we did! We wish all students a happy summer and a good luck for the incoming  school year.

· · · · · · · · · ·

Fiesta de fin de curso en Blue Parrot para niños del Grupo 10 - 17

Por segundo año consecutivo y como parte de las acciones locales, el equipo de The BPM Festival celebró una fiesta para los niños del Grupo 10 - 17 del Sistema para el Desarrollo Integral de la Familia (DIF) Solidaridad en Playa del Carmen.  El Grupo 10-17 son programas de apoyo para que niños, niñas y adolescentes puedan cursar sus estudios básicos a través de diversas actividades, que aseguren la continuidad y permanencia escolar.

La cita fue durante la tarde del 14 de julio en el conocido Blue Parrot, una de las principales sedes de BPM.  Omar Labastida, DJ residente de Blue Parrot y veterano BPM, puso a todos a bailar en una original FOAM PARTY infantil, en la que los invitados disfrutaron con sus maestras, compañeros, el staff de Blue Parrot y el equipo BPM.  

Como buena fiesta en México compartimos buena comida y mucha diversión.  Les deseamos a todos los alumnos un feliz verano y éxito en su próximo período escolar.


June 29, 2016 - No Comments!

Snag Your Early Bird Festival Pass this Friday, July 1st

We want you to be just as excited about our 10th anniversary as we are, so for the first time EVER we are releasing a limited amount of 3-day opening, 3-day closing and 7-day passes in addition to more 10-day festival passes at the early bird price!

The sale will open this Friday, July 1st at the times listed on the flyer below at You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. Have your PayPal account up and running as it’s the only form of payment accepted for our early bird pass sale. If you need further instructions on setting up your account feel free to reference our step by step guide to purchasing tickets to ensure that you grab your pass before they sell out fast!

If you’re not sure what timezone you’re in, please use this tool to ensure you’re ready!

PaypalOnly_final_FBW (1)

June 23, 2016 - No Comments!


[Versión en español abajo]

Over the past few years, The BPM Festival has been contributing to the local community and getting involved in donations, events and charitable activities.

One of our summer local actions for this year is called (in English) #BPMOperationHydration.

If you live in Playa del Carmen you will agree with us when we say the heat can be exhausting during the summer season. So, we decided to help the community stay hydrated.

Fiji water and The BPM Festival join together on our mission to keep the people of Playa del Carmen hydrated.

Our goal is to share a free bottle of water with the people working under and in the sun all day. If you find our team on the streets, please don’t hesitate to ask for your bottle of water.

Reuse or bring your empty bottle(s) to authorized recycling spots in Playa del Carmen. You can also Bring it to the BPM Store which is open on weekends (Friday to Sunday from 12 to 6pm) and receive a surprise free gift.

Remember that water is vital to our organs. If you are in Playa del Carmen, please join #BPMOperationHydration.

· · · · · · · · · ·

Desde hace ya algunos años hemos buscado la oportunidad de colaborar con la comunidad local e involucrarnos en eventos de donativo y otras actividades solidarias.

Una de nuestras acciones locales de verano se llama #OperacionHidratacionBPM. Si vives en Playa del Carmen coincidirás con nosotros que durante esta temporada el calor llega a ser agotador.  Por lo que decidimos apoyar a la comunidad a mantenerse hidratados.

Con el apoyo de agua Fiji, The BPM Festival busca concientizar a la sociedad a tomar más agua regularmente. Hemos enfocado esta campaña en regalar una botella de agua a aquellas personas que trabajan todo el día bajo el sol.

Si en tus días de verano te encuentras a nuestro equipo, no dudes en pedir tu botella de agua.

Reutiliza o lleva tu botella vacía a reciclar en los puntos autorizados. Si lo llevas a la Tienda BPM, abierta todos los fines de semana (viernes a domingo de 12 a 6pm), obtén una sorpresa.

Recuerda que el agua es vital para nuestro organismo. Si estas en Playa del Carmen, únete a #OperaciónHidrataciónBPM.

June 7, 2016 - No Comments!

Check out Iceland’s Secret Solstice Festival June 16-19

If you’re counting down the days until January 6th then why not get a taste of things to come at the incredibly unique Secret Solstice Festival in Iceland this month? Showcases include the familiar names of No.19 Music, Culprit and Visionquest at this awesome four day festival. Aside from all the amazing artists scheduled to perform, the festival boasts 96 hours of continuous sunlight. That’s right, in Iceland during the summer solstice the sun never sets as it’s so close to the Arctic Circle, but don’t worry - you won’t freeze in this stunning corner of the world!

Festival goers will go straight to Hel (yes that’s a place in Iceland!) and dance it out to to their killer line up that is filled with lots of our BPM favorites Apollonia, Art Department, Benoit & Sergio, Derrick Carter, Droog, Edu Imbernon, Jamie Jones, Lee Curtiss, Matt Tolfrey, Maxxi Soundsystem, Nitin, Richy Ahmed, Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves, Skream, Stacey Pullen, wAFF, and more.

What’s more, you can party in a volcano, a glacier, a geothermal lagoon or attend a midnight sun boat party at one of their awesome festival side parties. Not a bad way to kick start the summer festival season!

For tickets and further information head to:



June 2, 2016 - No Comments!

2017 Early Bird Festival Pass Sale Info

Our website reached an historic height for traffic yesterday during our Super Early Bird sale. Thank you for your patience.

Our next Early Bird festival pass sale will take place Friday, July 1. We’ve never done this before, but in honor of our 10th anniversary we’re releasing a limited amount of 7-day passes, 3-day opening and 3-day closing passes for a special early bird price, along with additional 10-day passes!  We want you as excited as we are for the 10th anniversary on January 6-15, 2017!

#BPM2017 Early Bird Festival Pass Sale
Friday, July 1st, 2016 on

12pm PDT - California
2pm EST/CDT - Playa Del Carmen, DF, México
3pm EDT - New York, Toronto
8pm BST - London

Please note: Wristbands are NON-TRANSFERRABLE; the person picking up the wristband must be the same person purchasing the wristband, and present his or her ID and documentation. No exceptions!

En Español

Ayer, nuestro sitio web registró un alcance histórico durante la preventa Super Early Bird. Gracias por tu paciencia.

La siguiente venta Early Bird será el viernes 1 de julio. Nunca habíamos hecho esto antes, pero dado que es nuestro 10mo aniversario estaremos liberando en esta venta, una cantidad limitada de brazaletes de 7 y 3-días para el fin de semana de apertura y del cierre a precio especial Early Bird, además de una cantidad adicional de brazaletes de 10-días. Queremos que estés tan emocionado como nosotros por esta décima edición del 6 al 15 de enero, 2017.

Próximos detalles de la venta en línea:

Viernes 1 de julio, 2016

12pm PDT - California
2pm EST/CDT - Playa Del Carmen, DF, México
3pm EDT - New York, Toronto
8pm BST - Londres

Página de acceso la venta:

Información Importante: Los brazaletes NO SON TRANSFERIBLES; la persona que recoge el brazalete deberá ser la misma que lo compró y es indispensable presentar ID oficial y documentos. Sin excepciones!

May 27, 2016 - No Comments!

Onca Maya donation / Donativo a Onca Maya

[Versión en español abajo]

The BPM Festival donates to local organization Onca Maya A.C supporting jaguar conservation programs in the region

The jaguar is an endangered species, also regarded as a magical beast in mythology dating back to the Mayan and Aztec civilizations. The BPM Festival is spotlighting the plight of this iconic cat and supports big cat rescue from the tourism trade in Mexico, and is proud to announce a new alliance with local organization Onca Maya. During a press conference Thursday, April 28, a donation was given to the Onca Maya representatives.

Onca Maya is a non-profit organization established in 2006 by a group of biologists, some of whom have been dedicated to the cause for over two decades, concerned about the future of natural habitats in the Mayan region.

Based in Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, Onca Maya's mission is to provide the tools and information needed to help biodiversity conservation in the Mayan Region, and to participate as decision-makers to protect the habitat.

At the press conference, Onca Maya shared that its estimated around 20,000 jaguars inhabited Mexico in the past, and only around 4,000 are left today. The most recent census registered only 200 animals in the north region of Quintana Roo.

Concerned about the region’s biodiversity, The BPM Festival supports this local initiative that enriches the natural attractions. In our ninth edition, The BPM Festival donated $70,000 pesos, to support local jaguar conservation programs via Onca Maya A.C.  The total corresponds to $1 peso per attendee.

· · · · · · · · · ·

The BPM Festival entrega donativo económico a la organización local Onca Maya A.C para apoyar programas de conservación del jaguar

El jaguar es una especie en peligro de extinción y una presencia mágica y mitológica que data de la era de la civilización Maya y Azteca.  Ante la difícil situación de este icónico felino, BPM decidió apoyar su protección y rescate mediante una alianza con la organización local Onca Maya.  En rueda de prensa el jueves 28 de abril, se entregó a los representantes de dicha asociación un donativo.

Onca Maya es una organización no gubernamental formada en 2006 por un grupo de conservacionistas preocupados por el futuro de los recursos naturales en la región maya, algunos de ellos dedicados al tema por más de dos décadas.

Con base en Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, su misión es generar herramientas e información necesarias para contribuir a la conservación de la biodiversidad en la región maya y participar en la toma de decisiones en torno a esta.

En rueda de prensa se comentó que se calcula que en México existieron cerca de 20mil jaguares, de los cuales solo quedan alrededor de 4mil.  En la zona norte de Quintana Roo, el censo más reciente registró cerca de 200 animales.

Preocupados por la biodiversidad de la región y dispuestos a sumar a aquellos proyectos locales que enriquecen los atractivos naturales del destino, The BPM Festival dona la cantidad de $70mil pesos, para apoyar programas enfocados a la conservación del jaguar mediante Onca Maya A.C. Total que corresponde a $1peso por cada asistente a la 9a. edición del festival.

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